anouncement: The distribution of the airdrop tokens begins 1st October, 2020. Airdrop participants are to pay a fixed fee of $5 to receive their tokens.

how to redeem

The process of redeeming your airdrop tokens have been made easy. There is no need to sign up. After the airdrop, a thorough sorting of the participants was done. The list of all participant qualified to receive tokens have been made available.

So how do I go about redeeming my tokens?. It's just a 3 step process.

First, Paste into the designated area, the wallet address you gave while participating in the airdrop or your telegram or twitter username. Ensure the @ symbol is present in your username if you are searching with your username (Example: @pimonx). If you qualify to receive tokens, the number you are to receive will appear.

After confirming your qualification, we require you to make a transfer of $5 to the ETH address provided below. The transaction should be done from the wallet address you provided to receive your tokens.


redeem form


qualification: not qualified

token amount:


notice: If your transaction is successful, you should receive your tokens in 15 - 30 minutes.